Interview with Misja Helsloot – the man behind ‘All I Had’ & ‘Wrecked’

We hooked up to the man behind the latest GO On Air release, the mighty uplifting tune of ‘All I Had’. The Dutchman has been part of the trance scene for more than 20 years, and still stands strong today. Read on and get to know Misja’s tactics and find out how ‘All I Had’ came to life.


Hey Misja, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! How are you doing?
Misja: “Finally recovered from ADE last weekend, so I’m doing fine, thanks!”

Your latest production, featuring Kyle Richardson, has just been released, exciting times! How did this one come into being? And what’s the thought behind it?
Misja: “I was in touch with Mike James before I had anything really. He showed me the lyrics and the vocals, and I simply loved it. And created a track that would fit the feeling of the vocals, and before I knew it, it was ‘All I Had’, haha!”

What’s your usual way of working when producing a track?
Misja: “I don’t have a usual way of working, to be honest. Sometimes I start with making a theme, and other times I start making the drive. But when I look at my unfinished projects, most of them are just themes, so I think that is the usual way of not finishing a track for me! :)”

Label-boss Giuseppe gave it the On Air treatment, how does it differ from the original version?
Misja: “Giuseppe had the idea of adding the vocals again after the break down, think that worked out really good. And he mixed & mastered the track again, so it would sound the same as all other GO releases.”

What was your first reaction when you heard the track was signed to GO On Air?
Misja: “Was kind of amazed that such small things to add could make such a big difference. For me it is still a learning curve, so I will remember what he did, and work on that for the next releases.”

Lot of people may know you from some very big trance classics back in the days, but you’re really a man of diversity, aren’t you?
Misja: “Yeah, not only in my releases but also in my sets. You would never hear a 100% 138 uplifting set from me. I’ll always try to find a way through deeper stuff or harder stuff. Sometimes even play a bad song, right after that a big banger, the crowd will react more that way…. Not even kidding here :).”

Which highlights are coming up in the world of Misja Helsloot in the next few months?
Misja: “The end of November I am playing in Holland at Club Panama. It is a tribute to ‘the old sound of Tiësto’. Really looking forward to that. Not gonna play the well-known classic tunes, and will try to prepare a real “Tiësto-set” from those days.”

Misja’s latest track, ‘All I Had’ ft. Kyle Richardson, is out now. Grab it here!